Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Aspiring Thai Model Faroong Charerak Our Hot Asian Babe for Today

Aspiring Thai Model Faroong Charerak Our Hot Asian Babe for Today

Aspiring model from thailand, Ms Faroong Charerak our hot asian babe for today. Faroong is a mix of thai and canadian. Her mother is a canadian and her father is Thailander. She grew up in canada and then later on, come back to thailand where his life eventually changed. Judging by her looks, she is undeniably hot. And so, this has become her ticket in entering showbiz. She was a model first. then Came out in small shows. She was offered to take daring films, semi adult movies which she accepted and thus earned her reputation. You may see her in various thailander films with her body exposed. Later on, she had accepted many offers with like this kind of films. and then she became a thailander boldstar.

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